PLATEAU MEET YOUR ASPIRANT:Nde Victor Dimka Hopes to Take Plateau Higher, Fear Of God Key To Achieving That


Nde David Victor Dimka wants to Bequeath a secured, prosperous and united Plateau, anchored under the fear of God


This was made known during the Plateau Gubernatorial Aspirants Discuss with the Plateau Bloggers Association PLABOMA.
Nde David Victor Dimka is from Kanke Local Government Area.

His vision, his agenda and purpose for running for the office of the governor of Plateau state is anchored on the need to see that the society progresses.

He said he is one of such people who want to add value to what governance should be.
He said: “Plateau, just like any other state in Nigeria has problems. But these problems need someone with a vision to fix these problems.”

If given the chance, He said he will like to give the people a state that is secured, prosperous and united. That of of this should be anchored under the fear of God.
That if this vision is put together, they will address the problems on the Plateau.

He wants to ensure that Plateau has that environment where every one feels safe and secured.
That once you have a sense of security and unity, progress and development is assured.
Security is key, and he wants to ensure that the chief security officers of our localities are given the mandate of securing their communities.
People such as the local chiefs among other local leaders will be given all the support they need to secure their People.

As the captain, the people wherever they are from will be given a sense of belonging. That whoever they are, and wherever they are coming from, they will understand that they have a stake in building the state.

He has also promised to accommodate young people in his administration .


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