Daran Music is a Nigerian Christian Rock and Contemporary Singer, Get to Know Him.


Daran Loeknoegoet Joshua born 9th December 1992 known as Daran Music is a Nigerian Christian Rock and Contemporary music singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer based in Jos Plateau State.


He is a guitarist and a vocalist with the Praise Church Band COCIN L. C. C. Hwolaza, an alto back-up vocalist with the accapela group The True Image of God Known as “The True Image”.

A member of the Radical Gospel Minstrel (RGM) and the Covenant Worship Unity Mass Choir.

He started His solo career in 2016 with a release of his first single, “Like Jesus” featuring ILL-Konnect who was the producer as well on February 14th.

His first album titled “Cares” was launched and dedicated on December 13th, 2020 which was followed by the release of “Your Spirit”

Born Daran Loeknoegoet Joshua, on December 9th, 1992, in Asakio Nasarawa State to Daran Joshua Doemlat and Daran Rose Joshua a teacher, Writer, Author, Composer, singer with 5 released albums and a social worker to aid the visually impared respectively. This ignited the passion from right within alongside other inspirations and the support from various individuals.

Raisedw two siblings alongside many other relatives in a Christian way, he hails from Quanpan L.G.A. Bwall District in Plateau State and grew up in Gindiri Mission Compound where he attended COCIN Staffs Children School Gindiri and graduated in 2004 from where he continued with his secondary education at Boys Secondary School Gindiri and graduated 2010.


He is currently undergoing his undergraduate programme with the university of Jos.
As a kid, he loved singing and used to sing special numbers once opportune during Sunday specials and main church events that requires the parents to be together with their kids like Christmas carols and the likes.
While in secondary school, he is mostly found singing and always loves to minister during Sunday evening service as he was being called “The Young Minister”, a singing group in the late 90’s in the school and was a member of the mediators of Christ for a short period.
After graduating from secondary school, he relocated to Jos where he joined the band in 2011 at COCIN L.C.C. Hwolaza.

While there, he worked hard and developed his gifts and talents as he is a Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist and an Alto Backup singer.
In 2012 together with a group of friends came up with an accapella group the “True Image of God” became a member of the Covenant Worship Unity Mass Choir in 2016, and in 2019, he joined the “Radical Gospel Minstrels”

He released his first single on February 14th 2016 titled “Like Jesus” and had his first public concert on December 15th 2017 titled “With You” on February 7th 2020 he had another concert titled “What You have done” followed by “Faithfully” on Octorber 4th, 2020 and “Your Spirit” on November 1st, 2020. On December 13th, 2020 his maiden album titled “CARES” was launch and dedicated. The album contains 12 tracks featuring various artist like Ab Vocals, Tongriang Daspan, Soul Pee, Asibi Merry heart, Manji John, Vera David, Emmanuel Jesse, Blessing John, Freeman Fanatic, Jedidah Kokong and others within the city of Jos, where he worked with ILL-Konnect, Ezra Brown and Voice Afang who recorded, produced and mastered the tracks. Although mostly into rock music, his songs cuts across other genres which include rap, reggea, country and the likes.
He is currently working on few projects one of which is “THE BATTLE FIELD” a Live Musical Concert and recording set for October 9th, 2021.

Keep tap for more details.

Contact: 08039304368
WhatsApp: 08039304368
Email: daranloeknoegoetjoshua@gmail.com
Facebook: Daran Music
YouTube channel: Daran music
Twitter: dloeknoegoet
Instagram: Daran Music
Telegram channel: Daran Music


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