MUSIQ: Mhentor – The Path



Mehntor, the phenomenal rapper returns with another banger titled ” THE PATH “. The rapper already proved that he is unafraid of going toe-to-toe with any rapper, he is a one-man freight train carrying a never-ending supply of compelling content.

THE PATH ” is another self-assured song by the rapper, in which his supreme confidence is on full display. On the song, the artist waxes lyrical and made observations about many realities of life, and reminds you why he is one of the most exciting prospects in music industry.

On this song, he made a bold statements,
” 🎶 … As a Mhentor I come in peace not in pieces, to pour out my mind lyrically as an artist, to kill the beat murderam tearam to pieces, there are lot to do in music than the beefing and the disses. 🎶”

He further aim a dig believed to be at the DOS, Lawsan, Tsu, and cleared the air where he said that “🎶 when you trynna silence me that’s when I shall be loud, the fact that I keep my distance dance doesn’t mean that I am proud.

🎶Money stops nonsense but it brings fake friends, where my right starts Na where your own ends … 🎶”

…among other lines that stresses the rappers point that he has been hot from time and it’s high time the system recognizes his amazing talent. He has undoubtedly done a lot in trying to carve a name as one ready to take on the industry.


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