Buhari Was Calm On Benue Attacks But Reminds Us Of The Civil War As It Bounces To The South-East – Wole soyinka

Buhari Was Calm On Benue Attacks But Reminds Us Of The Civil War As It Bounces To The South- East -Wole soyinka

Prof. Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Laureate, claims that President Muhammadu Buhari remains cool when attacks occur in Benue State, but is ready to invoke memories of the civil war once the South- East is involved.
Soyinka presented this in a statement titled ” Off to Shock and Awe” on Friday, in response to Buhari’ s previous statement in which he recalled how he fought in the 1967- 1970 Biafran war and promised to deal with ” persons misbehaving” in the South- East in a language they understand.
The remark was heavily denounced, and the message was later removed from Twitter.
However, in response to Buhari’ s remarks, Soyinka observed that it was amusing that Buhari never spoke strong on the slaughter of innocent people in Benue, but was ready to invoke memories of the civil war.
” However, when a head of state threatens to ‘ shock’ civilian dissidents, to ‘ deal with them in the language they understand, ‘ and in a context that conveniently brackets opposition to governance with any bloodthirsty enemies of the state, we must call attention to the precedent language of such a national leader under even more provocative, nation- shattering circumstances.
” What a pity, and what a terrible context, to learn that President Buhari had access to this language at all times, when and where it absolutely counted, when it would have been not just acceptable, but warranted and required!

” When Benue was first brought under siege, with massacres of innocent civilians, farm damage, mass displacement, and alien occupation, Buhari’ s language- both in words and in what is known as ‘ body language’ – was of a very different temperament. It was cautious, accommodative, even apologetic. ”

According to the Nobel laureate, Buhari finally visited the massacre site in Benue after tremendous internal pressure, but instead of threatening to ” shock the criminals, ” he instead advised them to ” learn to live peacefully with your neighbors. ”

After great pressure, he said, Buhari finally asked security personnel to shoot offenders on sight, a decision he described as overdue.

Soyinka claimed that the world had moved on from the civil war and questioned why Buhari continued to speak nostalgically about it.

” Invoking the civil war, which resulted in the deaths of millions of civilians, is an unworthy emotive ploy that has outlived its usefulness. In any case– and this has been stated much too frequently and loudly– the country is already at war, and it is one of the most dangerous wars it has ever known.
He stated categorically that ” Every single tenant of this nations space known as Nigeria has been labeled a potential casualty, with children being thrust to the front lines of warfare without any form of protection. The future has been betrayed by us. We don’ t need to be reminded of past wars. ” Nations, like the rest of the world, have progressed what about Nigeria??

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