First samaritan love foundation wishes to express its condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones in renewed attacks in Dong Jos North LGA and Kwi Riyom LGA. These dastardly attacks did not spare women and children as the assailants have shown no regard for human lives. As an organisation that has been at the fore advocating for peace and security in Nigeria, we call on security agencies to fish out the perpetrators of these inhumane act to justice as only then will the souls of the maimed find rest. We commend the effort of the Special Forces of the Operation Safe Haven for the rapid response during this unfortunate incidents, the situation could have been worst and more lives could have been lost.
We are confident in the capacity of the Commander, Operation Safe Haven OPSH Maj. Gen Dominic Onyemelu to maintain peace and stability in his area of jurisdiction as head of the STF. A fine soldier and gentleman who has recorded commendable success since he took over command of the operations. We are encouraged by the riot act issued by Commander where he warned that “anyone found with a guns will be shot at sight”. The proliferation of light and assault arms is a thing of great apprehension to every patriotic and peace loving citizen, FISALOF therefore supports this move as anyone bearing arms illegally stands as a threat to the generality of the people, we encourage community leaders to advise against bearing of illegal firearms.
Comr Takalis Dandaura Daspan the Executive Director, First Samaritan Love Foundation (FISALOF) wishes to encourage peace loving Citizens to continue providing grape vine intel to the OPSH because any successful operation is hinged upon accurate information gathering. The practice of shielding criminals in any guise must be jettisoned so we can chart a new cause as a people. Communities should also collaborate with security agencies on how best to secure their environment especially those susceptible to aggression by criminals. We use this opportunity to appreciate the efforts of Men and officers of the OPSH and other security agencies for their sacrifices and putting their lives in harm’s way so that we can sleep. First samaritan love foundation will continue to advocate for peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians by continually initiating programmes that will foster peace, we encourage CSOs to collaborate with security agencies to contribute in the quest to reach our desired peace and tranquility as Nigeria can only thrive in a peaceful atmosphere.


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