PLATEAU:Government’s Ignorance Towards The Growing insecurity In The State


For years now, the once uniquely calm and peaceful city of Jos, the capital of plateau state had continued to witness seemingly unabated spates of Violence and conflicts resulting in death and destruction of properties.
Of Late, the conflicts in and around this city have graduated from localised and haphazard disputes to scenarios of coordinated attacks by hoodlums, rogues and cultists.
The latest in the bouts of violence resulted in the horrendous murders of 2 young men within 24 hours in the suburbs of Tudun Wada Jos.

This heinous and unbearable blood-letting, perpetrated via perfidious acts of attacks and reprisals is so great that one can not afford to not pay attention.
There is no doubt that the Jos Mayhem is getting out of hand, and that these murders are the highest degree of cruelty against humanity.
Indeed, there is a creeping resurgence of insecurity in Jos which has made most suburban communities unsafe for innocent citizens going about their daily lives.
The Government of plateau state has seemingly forgotten about these communities and have for a long time neglected to take care of this mayhem that will, in no distant time, turn into an uncontrollable surge of crime in the City of Jos and the state at Large…
Should communities then begin to create ways to protect themselves or wait on the Government to come to their aid?


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