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Jvson’s Serenity Album Review

Name of Musician: Emmanuel Jason Jonah (JVSON)

Name of Album: Serenity

Genre of Music: Alternative Afro Pop

Producer: Yendrik

Sound Engineer: ChuckBvrs

At first listen of Jvsons Serenity I was awestruck like did I just listen to a Jos project (That is not Poetry or Rap) that I want to listen again and again and again? It will be the first time I felt the way I felt; Sensational, Astonishing, Brilliant, Glorious, Impressive.

Jvson came into the Musical scene with what critics will consider a ground breaking single in 2017 titled Superman. Since his arrival, he has been sure to keep his ever growing fans company with consistent, amazing and heartwarming singles throughout the years.

2020 has been especially good for Jvson as I believe he has dropped more hit singles than any other artist in his genre (I stand to be corrected). E No Go Tey, Gods Plan, Royalty, Take Off (With Vblaiz), and Fire (With Chuckbvrs), all in 2020 are apparently prove of the artists consistency and unequal sharpened and refined talent.
Serenity as a body of work in the same year when a lot of saga has gone down in Jos, Nigeria and the world at large, is evident of growth, and bears witness that even as other creatives suffer from depression, creativity block, and mental redundancy, Jvson as an artist has been able to maintain his sanity, humanity, and love for the God that is always ever present in his songs.

Serenity: a disposition free from stress or emotion- the absence of mental fatigue or anxiety, and in Jvsons own words; a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. In this body of work, the artist dedicated himself to grant the listeners inner peace, tranquility, placidity and soundness of mind. The artist considers himself an extension of Gods hands and expresses his Christian beliefs profoundly in each and every one of the tracks in the album.

In Runaway, the opening track that introduces us to a whole masterpiece, it is clear how Jvson is intensely attached to the God that he professes. He sings:
I no go run away
Promise Im here to say
And goes on to declare how dependent he is on Gods grace
Lonely then comes in, accompanied by beautiful and danceable sound that continues the thought of the first track:
You make me better, without you Im bitter
Please dont leave me lonely
I want you by my side
All words upholding how helpless he will be without God.
There is a whole lot of cohesion and continuity in Jvsons project in the sense that all the songs are are both independent and interdependent, a rare and seldom listened characteristic in most albums and EPs in the same genre. Each song leads you, like a mother holding her child, into the next song all through until the end until youre back to the beginning again, continuously and tirelessly.
The third track, Unforgettable, is the Artists favorite track on the project as it talks about Gods Love and how unforgettable it makes us feel regardless of how much we falter.
your love is intentional, its directional, it’s dimensional
Unforgettable, Unforgettable is how you make me feel
Something special coming in my direction despite my imperfection this kind of love is infectious such beautifully written words!!!

On the other hand, my favorite song is Lonely, as it is the song I can relate the most to. It seems at some point in the song- Jvson was taking words off my thoughts:
I need to try to free my mind,
I dont want to fall before I realize,
And I dont want to compromise,
I need you so Id feel alive. and I can also dance to the melodious sound that accompanies the superb and powerfully written song.

Serenity, the track I consider the deepest begins with a theological introduction of what peace is. It continues with Jvson encouraging his listener to
Feed your mind,
Feed your soul,
Let your inner demons go
Please control your anxiety and further goes on to reiterate the importance of meditation and the freedom and peace it provides and how it makes you better as a human.

Serenity then grows to become Paradise- how you feel when youre able to find peace in meditation that makes you feel alive For You closes the body of work by reminding the listeners that it is for them, and doubling as a thanksgiving song to God- telling him that he (The artist will always be ready and there when he is called upon by his God.

Overall, (putting together lyrics, production, and mixing and mastering, album cover art- especially on the basis of Cohesion, Continuity, Independence and Interdependence of the tracks) on a scale of 10, I will rate Jvsons Serenity 9, because of how it grows within the listener- the way the words soothe and how the instrumentals and sounds perfectly fit to make the listeners mind a serene atmosphere at the end of the album. The purpose with which the artist took his time to produce such enthralling project and body of work is achieved.

Listen To Serenity

November, 2020


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