Damaris Pam’s Review After listening to “A True Love Story by Jesse Kallamu

“Listening to Jesse Kallamu’s E.p, ATLS ” A True Love Story”, I don’t know how toexplain. The title says it all. I have no doubtthat all these songs are based on true life story. It’s like his putting his love life and experiences in a song. Which makes it captivating and real. And any great song should portray these in order to capture the minds of its listeners.

Jesse Kallamu didn’t only work on the beats, lines and texture, he involved passion. So much talent, dedication, hardwork and efforts were put into this project.

I can personally say “ATLS” is a success. Nothing was left out. And am confident it can only get better if he continues with this energy.

He left us with no doubt that he is a lover boy. 

I think “ATLS” was intentional to say a little about himself and love story.

“A True Love Story” the E.p, is the next big thing that is about to happen in the city of Jos.
Pam Damaris


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