Anniversary: Jos Based DJ, DJ Deekay Celebrates 10 Years Anniversary Of DJing


I am Ritdak Alex Gopanyil Wangkatda popularly known as DJ DEEKAY from pankshin local government of Plateau State born and brought up in jos north local government of Nigerian Tudun wada precisely.

I started Djing 10 years ago in my room with ma dads laptop it took me a year to learn the art because I was still in my secondary school. I played small parties n birthdays then but after my secondary school I took it as a profession under the mentorship of Dj astro and DJ stainless those two made me who I am today.

I faced so many challenges while on this journey but God has been faithful so many people castigated the fact that I was DJ, saying its a bad profession but I stood my ground to follow my passion. One of the major challenges every DJ face is capital mainly the equipment are super expensive me coming from an average family, got much support from my dad and mum they supported me till date, they helped in buying some of my equipment whch I use and became a start up ground for me today. Today I boastfully say Djing is paying my bills even as I am in school.


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