I’m Almost Nothing Without God[Emzzy E on #SnowOffAir] || SAV/E ep Out now!!


There has never been a time/season when EmzzyE isn’t ready to let out a project.
After a while of silence from the rapper, he came back with an incredible Ep SAV/E.
It then became clear that he had to bring up something new and different after loosing a complete project a while ago.

*Even though I ‘d be in and out many crews, I’m self Made*   While responding to his vast affiliations and the questioned of being signed, EmzzyE reiterates that he has over time managed to make it this far with little or no help from people.
Even though the rapper admitted to being part of different crews at different stages of his career.
It will be recalled that EmzzyE got started up with Rage Music( JadonB & YoungPro) in 2014, then had some affiliations with Inferno(Crinerry & FreshBoiBeekay), Positive World Ent, & Of recent The AudioHounds.

Even though this recent project didn’t feature any of the above mentioned crew mates!

Sav/E Listen up HERE


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