Munashakonline Research Contest; Kwarpo Isaac emerges Winner gets N10,000


Isaac Kwarpo (Contestant No 4) emerges winner of the Munashakonline/Farmhouse Reporters online research for social media enthusiasts/activists to ease the boredom of the lockdown on the Plateau online Community.

Seven contestants sent in entries that was screened by three judges, Isaac which sent his entry as contestant number four was unanimously chosen as the best entrant by the judges .

Mr Alfred Mashat Makut,CEO of Munataray Global Services presented the cash Prize to Mr Isaac Kwarpo Today at the youth center in Jos.

Mr Isaac Kwarpo’s acceptance letter reads;


I want to express my sincere appreciation to Munashak online and farm house reporters for given me a chance to lean my voice on early analysis of contenders and pretenders for Governorship in the state… It’s a privilege that out of the 7 people that wrote I emerge winner.

I got to know about the said contest online were over a thousand people access it, from their I feel lending my voice to the said research will help me also to learn and will inform the general public on what is going on at the moment.

I quickly design strategies, modalities of data collections and analysis from which I draw conclusion and make recommendations.

I want to show sincere appreciation to God Almighty and to those who responded to the questions I raise promptly.

The price of 10,000 is something that is worthwhile, considering the economic situation of the world at large. This will help me to add up restocking my home as we Seattle down in lock down fighting the the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Munashak online farm house is a plus to the information unit of the state. The online page has assisted tremendously in dissemination of vital information’s in the state especially for online users. No wonder it is one of the reliable blog link in the state, this brings to another reason why I decided to go into the research.

Once more I appreciate you all and God bless…

Kwarpo Isaac obed.
Contestant number 4


FINDINGS OF A DETAILED RESEARCH WORK ON THE TOPIC, “contenders and pretenders on Governorship election”

This research work is aim at making an Analysis of the current contenders and pretenders on the next Plateau Governorship election coming up in 2023, thou many have not officially declared their intentions, their body language speaks it louder than their voice and voice from their loyalist also speak volume of their aspirations..

method of Data collection

The researcher who due to the time given for the research (24hours), and the times we are into (Total lock down) use telephone calls to gather data.
The respondence whom were selected at random from the 17 LGA and mostly from central zone of the state are political activist and new media influencers, some of the respondents were party excos and political stakeholders. . The researcher who assured them that their names will not be mention in public gave them the confidence to pour out their minds thou others decline to talk about the subject, saying is too early.

Data collection

At the end of the exercise 24 names were suggested and recorded in no particular order as intending aspirants for the Governorship of Plateau state as at the time of this research 11/05/2020.
They includes ;

1) Prof. Patrick Dakum
2) Bar Garba Pwul
3)Hon. Letep Dabang
4) Prof. C. J. Dakas
5) Dr James Dalok
6) Bar Jonathan Aminu
7) Barr. Caleb Mutfwang
8) Dr Dader Bako
9) Hon. Manji Gontori
10) Hon. Danyaro sarpiya
11) Hon. Hezakaih Dimka
12) Prof. Shedrack Best
13) Dr Alfred Dapaal
14) Hon. Timothy Golu
15) Hon. David Paradang
16) Gen. John Sura
17) Chief Jerry Gushop
18) Dr Yilwada Nentawe
29) Dr Simput
20) Hon. Gotrin
21) Hon. Victor Dimka
22) Chief Satu Jatau.
23) Rt AIG Habila Joshak
24) Prof. S. G. Tyoden

The above might not be all but this is what the researcher could get within the time frame given.

Data Analysis

The researcher goes further to analysts the above data collected to see who are the major contenders, he classified the names base on Tribe\ community Association and party affiliation for easy analysis…
This now give us three tribes (Mupun, Ngas and Mwaghavul) with two major political parties in the state (PDP and APC).

From the MUPUN extraction as at the time of this research, we have only 3 contenders which are all under the APC platform, they are ;
👉 Chief Letep Dabang
👉Dr. Patrick Dakum
👉Prof. C. J. Dakas..

From the NGAS APC extraction we have ;

👉Hon. Hezakaih Dimka
👉Hon. Manji Gontori
👉Dr Nentawe Yilwada
👉Hon. Victor Dimka

While the NGAS PDP extraction have.

👉Hon. David Paradang
👉Hon. Timothy Golu
👉Hon. Gotring

MWAGHAVUL APC extraction consists of.
👉Prof. S. Tyoden
👉Bar G. Pwul
👉Da S. Danyaro

The following makes list from the PDP extraction of Mwaghavul .

👉Dr. M. Bako
👉Dr. J. Dalok
👉Bar. C. Mutfwang
👉Prof. S. Best
👉Chief J. Gushop
👉Dr A. Dapaal
👉Col. J. Sura
👉Bar. J. Aminu
👉Chief S. Jatau

After this classification, the researcher use the criteria below in analysing three (3)out of many from each category,
The criteria includes.
1)Popularity (Local, Zonal or state )
2) Resources.
3) influence on party structure
4) Sympathy
5) Youths Advocacy.

The researcher goes further to individually rate the intending aspirants.


👉 Chief Letep Dabang..
🧶He is 85% popular in the entire state, as a long serving party chairman (APC) That deliver a governor twice.
🧶 He have the resources
🧶 For now he can burst of 40% influence on party structure.
🧶 35% of youths from his tribe are advocating for him to contest .

👉 Dr Patrick Dakum
🧶 He is 60% popularity in the state. , speculations has it that he have the blessings of little reyfield at the moments and as an active politician right from time immemorial.
🧶 He has the resources.
🧶40% of youths from his tribe are advocating for him to contest.

👉 Prof C. J. DAKAS
🧶He is 50% popularity in the state, having serve as commissioner and worked with the prestigious university of Jos sometime now .
🧶He have the needed resources.
🧶25% of youths from his tribe advocating for him to contest.


👉 Hon. David Paradang

🧶 He is 70% popularity in the state, haven contested for senate in the central zone and won 4 out of 5 LGA ‘s.
🧶 He have the needed resources.
🧶He have 50% influence on party structure within central zone.
🧶 He, to a large extend have the sympathy of people who believes he was denied the senate position which many PDP faithfuls believe he won.
🧶40% of PDP youths in plateau central senatorial district advocate for him.

👉 Hon. Timothy Golu.
🧶 He is 40% popular in the state.
🧶He have the needed resources.
🧶He has 30% influence on party excos in the central zone.
🧶 He also have the sympathy of some youths in his tribe, considering the last reps election he lost to Gagdi were he won 2 out of 3 LGA in the constituency.
🧶 30% of youths in PKK are advocating for him.

👉 Hon. Gotring
🧶He is 70% popularity in his immediate community but 10% in the entire state.
🧶He have the needed resources.
🧶He have little influence on the party structure.
🧶20% of Ngas youths advocate for him.


👉 Dr Nentawe Yilwada.
🧶 He is 70% popular among his people and 40% popular in the state.
🧶He has the needed resources
🧶He has little influence on party structure.
🧶 50% of Ngas youths are advocating for him.

👉 Hon. Victor Dimka
🧶He is 70% popularity among his people and 35 percent popular in the state.
🧶 He have the needed resources.
🧶 20% of Ngas youths are advocating for him.

👉 Hon. Manji Gontori

🧶 He is 80% pupolar among the Ngas people and 40% popular in the state.
🧶 He have the needed resources.
🧶He have little influence on the party structure.
🧶10% of Ngas youths are advocating for him.


👉 Dr James Dalok
🧶He is 80% popularity in the entire state, haven contested as running mate to Rtd Gen. J. T. Usaini in the last general election.
🧶He has the needed resources.
🧶with the blessing of The leader of PDP in the state and his close relationship with the former senate president of Nigeria (Sen. N. Mantu) he Is sure of 40% influence on party in the state.

👉 Hon. Bar. C. Mutfwang

🧶He is 90%/popular in mangu as the immediate pass elected chairman of mangu and 45% popularity in the state. 🧶He have the needed resources.
🧶 A serious speculation has it that he have the anointing of PDP Jagaban in the state (JD Jang), with which he can be sure of 45% party influence.
🧶He have the sympathy of 50% of PDP youths from Mangu who are also advocating for him to run for the governorship.

👉 Dr. Bako Dader
🧶He is 60% popular in mangu but 15% popular in the state.
🧶He have the needed resources and has since start given back to his immediate community through donations of transformers and grading of roads.
🧶He have little influence on party structure.
🧶30% of PDP youths in mangu LGA are advocating for him to run.


👉 Da Chief Danyaro Sarpiya

🧶He is 70% popular in mangu but 20% popular in the state.
🧶He have the needed resources.
🧶He have little influence on the party structure.
🧶 25% of APC Youths in mangu are advocating for him to contest.

👉 Bar. Garba Pwul SAN

🧶 He is 80 % popular in mangu and 40% popular in the state.
🧶 He have the needed resources
🧶 He have a little influence on the party. Considering his profession which don’t allowed him to actively participate in full time politics.
🧶 20 % of APC youths in mangu are advocating for him to contest.

👉 Prof. S. G. Tyoden

🧶 He is 98% popular in plateau state, as a long serving VC of the prestigious university of Jos, an aspirant for governorship in 2015 and the current Deputy Governor of Plateau State, that brings his popularity to bare.
🧶 He have the needed resources.
🧶He have 60% influence on the party structure.
🧶Borrowing From what Arc. Bishop Kaigama said during the burial of the former deputy governor and then senator of the sourthan zone, Late senator Longjan was a Loyal deputy but I want to say this without missing words that Tyoden is a loyal deputy, I’m saying this for the governor to take note, his Loyalty to the Governor is earning him sympathy from Plateau people.
🧶40% Of youths from plateau are advocating for him to run for the governorship in 2023.

Summary \ conclusion

From the above analysis and data collected, the researcher concludes that at this stage.

👉 Most aspirants are yet to unveil their blue prints and campaign strategies, which will lead to alignments and realignments, so we can not say what the nature of the contest will look like weather its going to be inter ethnic group or inter religious.
👉 But at the moments base on the tools use to judge the popularity of candidates, it is clear that in APC, one of the following people stance a greater chance,

👍PROF. S. G. Tyoden
👍Dr. Patrick Dakum
👍Chief letep Dabang.

While in PDP.

👍Bar. Caleb Mutfwang
👍Dr James Dalok
👍Hon. David Paradang.

👉 To make comments on the strength of political parties, The both parties are strong, thou for the major opposition to give a good fight, it will depend largely on the Jagaban of the party in the state, (JD Jang) , coming in agreement with the leader of the party (J. T. Usaini) to decides who clinch the ticket.
The APC on the other hand is yet to conduct her congress which will lead to breakups and take a little time for settlement, until then, the party is seating on a time bomb.
👉The decision of running mate to a large extend affects the outcome of secondary election.
👉 Finally, This analysis is just for now and might not be valid when full campaign activities unveil, that is why the researcher always used the statement For now In his work.
👉 The researcher does not look down on any candidate as he only gave conclusion base on the data received. The researcher try by all means not to allow self, tribe or religion beclouded his judgment during the ANALYSIS.
👉 Intending Aspirants or their Loyalist who did not met up the instruments use for assessment of candidates and are necessary for success in this race should use this research work and wake up instead of calling the researcher names and should not crucify the researcher.
👉The research work is open for criticism and further studies.

Limitations of the Study
This research work suffers some set back which includes;
❌ inadequate time, the time given for the research was inadequate (24 hours) considering the total lock down we are into in the state.
❌A good number of respondents feel is too early to start making this analysis and hence did not make any comments.
❌This research work might not forecast what will actually happen when the real business’s of give and take, reconciliation and conflicts, break outs and meager starts unveiling themselves across inter and intra party.
❌ The state at the time of this pandemic is not thinking in the line of who becomes what, the mind of the people is occupy with the fight against COVID 19 Pandemic and hunger.
❌This research work might only end on the social media.

Written by

As a response to a 2023 contest analysis title “write a detail research work on the topic Contenders and pretenders on Governorship election courtesy.
This day,
Tuesday, 12th may 2020.


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