#CovidPlateau: A Spotlight On The Index Covid-19 Case On The Plateau


Nigerian Center for Disease Control NCDC on Thursday, 24th April confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in Plateau State during the national update where it recorded 108 new cases nationally thereby taking the toll to 981 nationally.
The efforts and the pro-activeness of the government of Plateau state and the entire citizenry must be commended in curbing any spread of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.
Plateau State recorded the first case of coronavirus on Thursday evening when it was reported that a lady who came in from Kano later tested positive making her the first person to test positive in the state.
There are some spotlights as the announcement of the index case in Plateau State is raising eyebrows
TeamWaka Hypecrew takes a look at some 6 spotlights on the first case. Read below

Silence of the Plateau State Commissioner of Health:
The Plateau State Commissioner of Health was silent for over 6hours while the reports of the index confirmed case of coronavirus was making the rounds. It is no longer news that the world is being ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic with over 2.7 million world confirmed cases and almost 200,000 deaths worldwide with Nigeria recording almost1000 cases. Therefore any suspected case or confirmed case should be promptly reported as such could also save lives and cut movement of persons who have been in contact with the reported case. When the Plateau Health Care Professionals visited the Plateau State Covid-19 Task force to make their submission, they specifically mentioned that the state has to proactive rather than waiting for NCDC. It was clearly evident that the Plateau Health Care Professionals were not being carried along by the state ministry of health with the recommendations and statistics submitted at the instance of the Task Force.
The Commissioner of Health would have made an announcement at a Press Briefing immediately the case was confirmed to show pro-activeness as the result showed was released as early as 5:30PM. Was it that he never knew up until 1AM of Friday 24th April when his press statement finally surfaced?
This the state’s index case as such a quick announcement was to be made before NCDC released their midnight results. We have seen that done in other states as they announced their index cases before NCDC.

The Unethical Manner; of Releasing the Test Results to the Public
NVRI VOM are opening themselves up for lawsuits if this is how they release patients information. As we all know medical results and names of patients are supposed to be kept confidential so why is the case of Plateau state different with Nigeria recording almost a thousand case an we have not seen any patients lab result from other states. It will create a lot of stigma and will scare people away from submitting themselves for testing if they can not have the doctor/patient confidentiality.

Corrupt Security Officers at Plateau Borders:
It was reported that index case of coronavirus is a lady who came in from Kano and it was said she came in during the lockdown amidst border closure. The question is how was she able to come into the state from Kano after the borders were closed for more than 2weeks now. The lady should be asked to explain how she came into the state.

The Media
I don’t think this should be the major problem at this point as the media have been encouraged in helping contact tracing also trying to be supportive to infected patients. In pandemics, the people should know where the problem is coming from as such quick information is vital. The Media has played the role of informing the public on the best practices in curbing the spread of coronavirus as such warning the public of early detection of persons is also key.
The Continuous Lockdown in the State: Plateau state governor, Simon Lalong has really done his best to prevent this pandemic from ramping into plateau but it was long clear that the state had no case of the virus except it was imported from other states who have recorded cases. The state lockdown is a proactive measure but the same resources expended at the lockdown and state fumigation exercise should have been used to martial all borders too. The index case recorded in the state was avoidable if not for misguided efforts within the city center when the borders should have been the main focus. We hope the matter will be investigated thoroughly and the culprit of the border breech be sanctioned accordingly.
What Next?
Now that Plateau state has recorded its first case of coronavirus, it is time for collective action and not blame game.
A single index case may mean that Plateau state could have a reservoir of cases or rise to be more cautious as some states have recorded only one case and remain that way.
If your relation, friend or neighbor sneaked into Plateau recently through whatever means, it is your duty to report to the COVID 19 task force nearest to you for immediate action.
We have to also be our brother’s keeper while trying to help cushion the effect of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.
Stay home! Keep safe!


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