Gideon King, popularly known as Gking is an amazing Poet, Rapper and Creative Writer from Jos, Nigeria. He is the founder of Punchline Poetry Society (a community of Poets in Jos).

He started out his career as a rapper. However, Poetry swept him off his feet.
He has had quite a number of rap songs and spoken word poems. Among many of these is “Gbege” a pidgin English poem that narrated the issues and problems of Nigeria. Gbege was a poem that captivated it’s audience mind and left them hungry for more poems from him.
To preach what he believes in and to touch every listerner’s mind, Gking is set to drop an album title “WILD.” an acronym for “Words Illumination Life and Death.” This album is buried in mysteries, creativity, wisdom and knowledge and also features other amazing arts. the poems you should be ready for includes:

  1. Seer
  2. Slaves with crowns ft. Mohorret
  3. Song of the night ft. Fortune
  4. Gbege
  5. Depression ft. Soul P
  6. Deceptive Truth ft. Jtwice
  7. Philo-suffer
  8. Ruwan zuma
  9. Wild ft Philip Dopson & Supreme Gilbert.

All the tracks are produced by Surgeon, except track 7 which is produced by DJ Greal.

Gideon King Announced Recently through his social media handles that the album would be hitting the airwaves on the 20th of April 2020 and is sure to receive a high level of acceptance as Poetry seems to be taking over the Entertainment scene with a back to back release of Spoken Word projects from other amazing poets into the mainstream industry.


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