The fight against COVID-19 may take a twist in Plateau State as some individuals have derived some criminal means of smuggling people into the state. sourcenews24 while monitoring the lock down complaint discovered that some people use Ambulance to conveying people into the state claiming they are sick persons. Our correspondent show an Ambulance of MDGs general hospital Gwantau of Sanga Local Government of Kaduna state with passengers. They were sited passing through the security checkpoint down to marabajama round about.

Our correspondent while approaching them saw some passengers dropping from the Ambulance at marabajama round about in Jos South Local and he saw about 12 people inside the Ambulance and among them were 2 military personnel who refused to give their names rather showed their identification card. Our correspondent also gathered that some of the passengers were from Abuja and others were coming all the way from Lagos.

The question here is this if such people can smugle their way into the state, how many more individuals have already been smuggled in? What if there are COVID-19 carriers?

We call on the government to act well and also State residents to assist the government in subduing this virus by obeying set rules.!


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