The greatest threat to the fight against the global pandemic covid19 is fear,panic and fake news peddled online.

The pyschological warfare now is most people fail to understand the difference between a “Suspected Case” and a “Confirmed Case”

In Plateau State there had been a circulating story or rather report of uncertain and doubtful truth that the isolation center in Jos University Teaching Hospital has a case of Covid19.

It is important for social media users to know the difference between a ”suspected’ case and a ‘confirmed’ case.

Government has come out through the taskforce on #covid19Plateau to reiterate that there is no “confirmed” case of covid19 patient in Plateau state yet.

The Secretary To The Government of the State in a press briefing on 1st April,2020 made it categorically clear;

” Let me begin by reaffirming that so far, there is no
recorded case of the disease in Plateau State. Even though some suspected
samples have been taken for examination, non has turned out positive.”

The fact is that people that show signs of the virus are attended to with samples taken for further medical examination to await results from experts.

The body saddled with the responsibility of confirming a case is the National center for Disease control (NCDC) after thorough and intensive medical tests that is of WHO standard.

The Plateau state Task force on covid19 is working in consonance with the Presidential taskforce and the NCDC.

All the samples taken from Plateau state has turned out negative.

Any confirmed case will be made public by the NCDC.

Lets stop spreading fake news and unconfimed reports about Covid19.

Follow the link to join the official website of NCDC for updates.

“Nigeria Centre for Disease Control”


Follow the hashtag #Covid19Plateau for updates on covid19 in Plateau state.

The Plateau State Government through PICTDA is employing Technology to fight Corona VirusV it has developed an APP that will be made public by Mr David Daser, The Director General soon.


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