I don’t understand, why Artists are Dropping music and doing shows in these sensitive Times, can’t you postpone this things?😣, even if you no dey fear, fine☺ but sympathize with those people that are affected and those little children that are dying,

Thousands of people are affected, and what we fail to understand is that the only difference between us and the people affected is location, if it had started here it would have spread here and the way we are watching them on news now that is how they will watch us on the news,

We are advised to stay at home and go out only when it is necessary, but we keep taking things for granted, Look we didn’t hope for this thing(Virus) to come to Nigeria and it came, So you should know that in JOS we are not safe, Please if it is not necessary don’t go out,

Artists are supposed to be public figures and giving people hope in these trying times they were created with that capacity, but some are busy dropping songs, how would people listen to those songs in panic and secondly people wey you dey drop songs for are dying who go listen? I am an artist too but I postponed an event I was supposed to hold in Jos on the 3rd April and a song I was supposed to release that same day😭😭

Please let’s from our heart be in this war, this is a war between HUMANS and A DEADLY VIRUS

Let’s be reasonable abeg

Dung Abraham Tok A.K.A Fisher Tokz


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