Navajo Multimedia Takes Legal Action Against Cloudlight Visualz For Defaming it’s Brand.


Navajo Multimedia has taken legal actions against Cloudlight Visualz for alleging the former stole a video footage of NASCO roundabout old airport junction Jos Plateau State from it’s Instagram handle.

A statement Navajo multimedia released today states

“Our attention was drawn to the defamatory comments on our recent post on @navajomultimedia caused by Bamaiyi Audu laying copyright claims to the video we posted of NASCO roundabout old airport junction Jos Plateau State.

His comment insinuated that we copied his video and posted it on Instagram without his permission; claiming rights and not crediting him.

This has misinformed our followers, tainted our image, breached the trust of our prospective clients, raised doubts about the credibilty of our work and damaged our reputation due to the defamatory comments and insults that emanated from the public on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

We hereby wish to inform our esteemed followers, clients and fans that we have taken legal actions against Bamaiyi Audu/Cloudlight Visualz.

Concerning the Video in question, @andychantu alongside Victor Washik shot aerial video footages and photos of Old Airport Junction Roundabout, Jos, on the night of Wednesday 16th October 2019 and edited it on the same night. As a standard procedure in NaVaJo, he did not post the video until after internal quality, assurance checks and strategic scheduling; of which Thursday night (17th Oct 2019) and Friday morning (18th Oct. 2019) were chosen as times for posting for @andychantu & @navajomultimedia Instagram pages respectively.

We’d like to assure our customers and clients that we take copyright & intellectual property rights seriously and are committed to excellence and professionalism.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have concerns or notice any other comments concerning this”


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