Xenophobia: Nigerians blast Kate Henshaw over insensitive post [Read Here]

Xenophobia : Nigerians on twitter have dragged the heck out of
actress Kate Henshaw over her tweet that seemed to blame
the victims of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
Taking to twitter earlier today, the actress wrote that people
are responsible for how they are being treated by other
She actually didn’t relate her post to any incident, but judging
the by the pressing xenophobic issue in South Africa,
Nigerians assumed she was referring to the victims of the
attack and it has not been a smooth ride ever since, as the
actress was blasted by many people that responded to her

See the reactions:

*** Just look at what happened to Bobrisky. No respect for his
human right values. People can see this all over the world in
seconds. When we don’t value ourselves how on earth can
other societies value us. No British or American citizens get
treated anyhow around the world.

*** I choose to disagree. humans are unpredictable, have you
ever done good, treated someone with love only to receive
the worst treatment any human being could take from the
same person you gave love and care?

*** You mean you’re literally responsible for the sanity of
another person regardless their own actions? This lot ain’t so
brilliant after all they’re just popular by profession.

*** Are we? People are quiet unpredictable. I think we’re more
responsible for our reactions to their treatment and possibly
the recurrence of such treatments. There’s so much you can

*** Ma’am reword this This is a time for Nigerians to gather in
unity. Our brothers are dying. Think carefully before you tweet
at this sensitive period

*** I know someone would soon insult you here o but it won’t
be me… But trust me anything you get, this tweet of yours
allowed it, GoodLuck

*** Just imagine if it was cows that were being slaughtered in
any state, just imagine the kind of prompt intervention that
might have occured


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