A hip hop artist born ‘Nanlir Dombin’ in Jos around the mid nineties as a sixth child to Mr. & Mrs. Tyem Dombin. He was raised in Gindiri, where he got introduced to hip hop music by his eldest brother, popularly known as ‘Dulleskee’ who often played records by 2pac, DMX, Eve, BIG, Jay Z, Lil Kim, The Fugees and 50 Cent at home. These formed a musical foundation for him as he soon found himself rhyming along with these stars and later miming them.

He was nicknamed ‘Reniigaed’ by a deceased neighbour after perfectly miming the Jay Z-Eminem song ‘Renegades’ which became his musical brand name.

He launched his musical career in 2013 when he started recording and performing songs along with friends during neighborhood shows. This led to the emergence of a classic hip hop hit ‘Human AC’ which became popular in Jos around the first quarter of 2018. This was shortly followed by other chart topping singles like ‘Bani Bachi’ ‘The song for U’ and ‘Kano.’ His style is critically acclaimed both sonically & lyrically and with continuity on his path, he might just be the next big thing from Jos.


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