Mark Anthony Writes – Nigerian Police, Do You Think God Will Not Punish All Of You?”

There is nothing as frustrating as meeting
harm where you’re supposed to meet
protection. There is nothing as worrying as
seeing the Nigerian police and you
automatically start panting because your hair
is carved in some kind of way or because the
price of your phone is their net worth. There is
absolutely nothing wonderful about hearing the
police siren and your heartbeat starts beating
in tune of impending doom.
Nigerians will be angry at God if he forgives
these uniformed men. You can imagine a
country deeply rooted in religion not minding
going on to practice civil disobedience against
God and his word. The reason is simple; the
Nigerian police has pushed we the citizens
beyond the limits of remembering God and his
word. Many actually are doubting the presence
of God in the country and why he lets his innocent children die simply because they are

Innocence has since become a crime because
the gun wielders in this country have become
so bored they shoot people who did nothing.
Their fingers are always on the trigger and just
like many Nigerians love soft work, they do so

You can hardly see them in crime scenes. They
hardly engage robbers or kidnappers because
they will be smoked. Rather, they engage
young boys who are either watching a football
game or rushing to somewhere to do some stuffs

They have become so cocky they want to
know what is inside your phone, they want to
know why you have dreadlocks, they want to
know where you are going to and why you are
going there, they want to know why you have
a tattoo on your skin forgetting the tribal
marks on their own faces. Imagine being
arrested for having a tattoo by some cop
whose face is littered with tribal marks!
There is hardly a day that goes by without a
news of the police shooting someone that did
absolutely nothing to them. Your only crime is
living in Nigeria where there are no laws.
That is honestly the crime of their many
They shoot, kill and funnily get away with it
because this is Nigeria and nothing will happen
if you know someone that knows the cousin of
the DPO’s cook or gateman.
There have been organized marches about
these issues and it still feels the same. I don’t
understand why the citizens have to march
when they are the victims. Why wont the
government do the needful by marching out
every cop that shows traces of hostility or
Just like rape victims marching for rapists to
be arrested and chopped into tiny bits.
If the victims have to march to call the
attention of the authorities, it can be argued
that the authorities either don’t know their
jobs or they are benefiting from the
misbehaviors of their staff.
For everyday the people at the top keeps quiet
another person dies, for everyday another
person is killed, God is preparing the
punishment he will give Nigerian police men
and women.
It should not he hell because their smelly
uniforms are worse than hell!
A gruesome punishment awaits all of them
who have caused a family to shed a tear or to
spend insane amounts in hospitals to keep
their loved ones alive.
To Nigerians, until God punishes them, let us
stay safe. All love!
Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu.
Mark Anthony Osuchukwu is a writer, social
critic and commentator. He is on Instagram as

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