Small Doctor has narrated how he escaped being
lynched by some men after one of them accused
him of stealing his manhood.
According to report , the music star revealed how he had
gone out to give money to the needy on the streets showing his benevolent side. He said on that particular
day, he didn’t go out with his security details as he stormed
the streets.
After giving out money to young children and men along the
road, he was then accosted by some men who asked the
reason behind his kind gesture as they found it suspicious.
Surprised by their questions, Small Doctor stared them in
the face with a puzzled look.
Thereafter one of the men pointed to Small Doctor
accusing him of stealing his manhood. This accusation led
to him being attacked by the men. It took the timely
intervention of the police to save him from what would
have ended in a tragedy.
However, Small Doctor said this will not be the end of the
case as he has taken it up with the police for further
investigation. The last time Small Doctor got himself in
trouble, it was in the hands of the police.

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