TeamWaka fecilitates with
VARLAINE LOUNGE as it celebrates its 3years of promoting chills and fun
Varlaine lounge is one out of many that has hosted top 9ja celebrities.Talking about the best clubs in jos, varlaine takes the front row
It possesses a serien environment to boost your relaxation mood and activate your social welfare.
Varlaine lodge has a high social relevance as their d.js secum to slam the best tracks to suit your mood, not to start with their seeming bars and cuisines, their rooms are more conducive and accomodative than a palace….
J-town could be rated A + in terms of Socialiality all thanks to VARLAINE

Congratulations for 3years well spent
And to burst our bubbles
Varlaine celebrates its anniversary by hosting yet another legend
Yeah….yeah…… SKIIBII
Turnup and celebrate with your favorite club and lounge


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