Comedian MC Shakara was recently involved in a ghastly
accident that nearly claimed his life. Gratefully, he survived
and came out of it unscathed. The news of this near death
scene has gone viral and has got many thanking God for his
The young comedian had stepped out of his house looking
astonishing and all set for the day. He was putting on a purple print
shirt and a magenta pair of trousers. With him looking this
good, he took several photos and posted them on his
Instagram page.
Not knowinq that his day will be full with its
own dose of troubles. According to an eye witness, the
accident which nearly claimed the comedian’s life happened
around 3am in the morning.
According to this report, the car somersaulted a number of times which was enouqh to take his life but he was able to
survive and pull through.


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